Assembly Bill 1663:
The Probate Conservatorship Reform
and Supported Decision-Making Act

A Groundbreaking Civil Rights Bill for People with Disabilities

AB 1663, introduced on January 19, 2022 by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, changes the probate conservatorship system so that people with disabilities do not end up in conservatorships unnecessarily. It also recognizes supported decision-making as a way that people with disabilities can get support from people they trust without losing their rights.

AB 1663:

  • Deflects people with disabilities from unnecessary conservatorships by recognizing alternatives, like supported decision-making (SDM), and creates a SDM Technical Assistance Project to provide outreach and training.
  • Diverts people with disabilities from unnecessary conservatorships by requiring courts to consider alternatives and by creating a Conservatorship Alternatives Program to counsel potential conservatees who may benefit from alternatives.
  • Dissolves conservatorships without a court hearing when both the conservator and conservatee agree on termination, and provides an easier path for conservatees to request their conservatorship be changed or ended.
  • Ensures decisions are made by the person with a disability to the greatest extent possible, even when they are under a conservatorship, and asks the conservator to take the persons wishes into consideration unless it endangers their health or safety.

AB 1663 ensures that people with disabilities don’t end up in conservatorships unnecessarily